Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Taste of Home: Rogue in Brazil

There are many great breweries in Oregon but without a doubt the most widely traveled is Rogue.  Here is what I found today in my local São Paulo Pão de Açúcar:

Which is remarkable for two reasons: one, little old Rogue from Newport, Oregon makes it all the way to Brazil; two, it is Yellow Snow IPA!  What, no Dead Guy?  Unfortunately I am not high on Yellow Snow, I much prefer Brutal IPA, but I did not come all this way to pay $8 for a 12oz bottle of beer I can get any day at home anyway. 

Amusing that the two other widely traveled beers I have seen all aver the world are also represented at Pão de Açúcar: the social media marvel Brew Dog from Scotland (seen in the pic) and Brooklyn (not pictured).

Anyway, the kids were excited to see Rogue in the store - how typically Oregon: little kids know Oregon beer.

I should also note that I saw Rogue's Voodoo Doughnut beer in San Diego which then reminds me that we met a kid from Washington DC her in SP whose knowledge of Portland consisted on only one thing: Voodoo Doughnut.

Funny that.


Jeff Alworth said...

Good god, eight bucks a bottle? Living in Brazil would be good for my liver.

Fernando M Pacheco said...

Just wait until you find out the price for beers from top brazilian craft breweries, such as Bodebrown and Seasons...