Friday, November 23, 2012

Brazilian Craft Beer

I am in São Paulo, Brazil for the month for an intense work/study trip so I have had little time to drink beer.  But I have found, once again, that Brazilian craft beer is expensive, hard to find and of varying quality.  But the best selection I can find is at Casa Santa Luzia on Alemeda Lorena in Jardins.  But with limited time, money and strength (to carry a lot of beer up the hill to my apartment), I need help!

What beers should I try?

I will say that I like Colorado but I find their beers a bit heavy for my taste.  Baden Baden is only so-so in my opinion.  Vera Cruz is promising, I quite liked the above 'Karavelle' but I would not call it great.  So, what should I get next?  I like hoppy english style ales, crisp pilsners, I tend to dislike more malt heavy beers and I really can't stand most BCB - Brazilan Corn Beer as typified by Brahma, Itaipava, etc.

Ironically, the global takeover of macro beer by the Brazilians, led by Carlos Brito at ABInBev has led to reasonably priced, fresh Budweiser Czechvar, thanks to the agreement between AB and the original Budweiser, though it is Czechvar here lest the US Budweiser brand be diluted.  Nevertheless I find it currently the best value for money.  R$10 will get you 25 ounces and it is a really good pilsner that, so far at least, has been nice and fresh.  
I await the wisdom of the Brazilian beer crowd...