Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Story of Honest Pints and Poor Pours

In which the Beervana blogger and Honest Pint Project mastermind is told by his economist friend (guru really) that he should not be upset at this pathetic pour at the Deschutes Portland Pub because it is a full information game - the glass is 20oz. but the pour is about, what, 16?!? The point is you know it is a lousy pour. And there is a solution: tip not, says I, though our server is great - but she needs to be on top of the bartender who is lazy. After a nice beer, however, everyone relaxes, the server is tipped well and the sun breaks through the clouds on a wonderful spring day in Portland.

And the beer is fantastic - XPA on cask. Wow. Go now. Just ask them to give you a full pour.

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