Monday, February 13, 2012

Irish Cap Technology: Better than a Twist-Off

Which I can say with authority as I am the hand model in this video posted at Beervana.  We had only one so I had no practice, but I can say it was remarkably easy and required only a light touch.  Plus the seal lasted just fine on the long trim from Ireland.

Irish Bottlecap from Jeff Alworth on Vimeo.

This is fitting as we learned last week that Irish brewers gave us modern statistics, we now learn that this bottle cap technology is continuing the tradition of Irish brewers making the world a better place through science and technology. I guess beer makes you smart.

I call it Irish, but does anyone know the true provenance of said technology (the pull-tab cap)?

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Matt Searle said...

I've no idea of the provenance, but Mac's brewery in NZ and Bundaberg ginger beer in Australia have been using them for as long as I've been drinking either (15+ years).