Thursday, May 2, 2013

JV Southern Hemisphere

I spent an extended weekend in Buenos Aires last weekend. I had a lovely time, perfect weather and a city that I found pretty, pleasant and recovering (at least in spirit) from the crisis.  I was happy because my last visit in 2009 left a lasting impression of a decaying city with a grim population.  It is a lovely city and one hopes for a return to better times economically will allow it to flourish once again. 

But all this is by way of introduction.  The real reason I found my visit blog-worthy was my discovery, whilst strolling in lovely Recoleta, of an American-style brewpub: Buller Brewing Company.  Sadly I had just eaten and we were on our way to Palermo so no time to stop and sample the beer but I did have enough time to take these two pictures and I was delighted to find, as far south as Argentina, a JV Northwest brewhouse.

Buller Brewing Co, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bueller's brew house, manufactured in Canby, Oregon
 What is especially interesting is that, like most of South America, the beer culture in BA and the beer at the pub is mostly German and Czech influenced so you might expect a brewhouse from those parts. Well, I suppose it makes no difference, except for the shape of the fermentation vessels.  Anyway, it was fun to see.

I did try the Quilmes local macro brew and while it is a notch above Brasilian beers, it is fairly character-less.  Other than that the local Malbec wine was too inviting (and too good - wow) and so I never sampled any other beer.

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