Tuesday, April 12, 2016

From NZ

A colleague sends me this photo from Auckland:

I assume the Pilsner is excellent.


Unknown said...

The pilsner is excellent. It's one of NZ's oldest craft brews and packed full of Riwaka hops. Not much like a traditional pilsner, but a common style here. It works especially well with the local hops.

You might be interested in the pricing model of beer here. Having lived in the Pacific NW myself, the prices I discovered when I moved home were quite hard to swallow. A pint can be as high as $12 (although this includes tax and we don't tip) but what's really interesting is that imported US beers that have been shipped halfway across the world, almost, can be priced reasonably closely to local brews. The reason is our insanely high excise taxes which, according to an old blog post here are roughly 10 times that enjoyed by your American brethren.

Top that off with allowing tied houses and you have the recipe for inordinately high prices for craft beer. It's enough to make you weep into your over-priced pint.

Patrick Emerson said...

Thanks Matthew, good to know the brewery is not abusing the family name! Fascinating info about taxes, why do you suppose they are so high in NZ?

Jeff and I used your comment on our latest podcast, so you can hear our response there as well.


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