Friday, November 14, 2008


Over at the Brewpublic blog comes this shocker: The Green Dragon is going to be taken over by Rogue. Are we seeing the first evidence of the economic downturn hitting the Portland pub scene? Are we seeing the effects of the hops shortage (did the GD ever start brewing its own)? Or are we seeing evidence that the pub scene in Portland is over-saturated? Hmmm...I am not sure if this is an omen of the rough times ahead or just a one-off. Thoughts?

Brewpublic seems to really hate Rogue [update: Angelo of Brewpublic objects to this characterization and I agree, he really hates the idea of loosing the Green Dragon and the potential of its staff loosing their jobs, but hating Rogue is not accurate - my apologies], and while I agree that my experience in their pubs has been one of extraordinarily expensive food and indifferent service, I remain a big fan of the company and (much of) the beer. I don't like this though - I lament any decline in independent tap rooms in Portland. In my neighborhood the Oaks Bottom Public House was bought by the Lompoc folks to the great detriment of the pub. Fortunately there is still the Muddy Rudder. And Portland still has Bailey's Taproom (please serve food!), Henry's, Concordia, Belmont Station and others.

Ah well, at least you don't have to walk far from the Green Dragon to Roots, where they have finished a remodel and now serve lunch! Hey, that reminds me, I'm gettin' a little peckish myself...

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