Thursday, June 3, 2010

Micro Brew / Cask Ale Revolution in England

Here is an NBC Nightly News segment that came to my attention from the Oregon Brewcrew listserv on the growth and popularity of craft breweries in England. Sound familiar? It is, but with a twist - this report suggests that the craft breweries in England are concentrating on cask ale. I don't know if this is generally true, but if so it is an interesting contrast to the US where cask is very slow in catching on. Perhaps the difference is that the UK never lost reasonably good beer but did lose local beer whereas in the US we lost local and good beer. Now we are happy to have good beer back, but it seems only a matter of time before the local, fresh, sustainable food movement embraces cask ale.

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Soggy Coaster said...

I wonder if the English habit of serving beer somewhat warmer aids the adoption of cask ales. I can see American drinkers being thrown by cask ales if they don't know what they're ordering.