Friday, July 9, 2010


Astoria is where I am at for a quick break and a nice respite from the heat, but I have a moment to chime on on this little debate: doing away with the OLCC.

To me the OLCC has always been a bit of an anachronism: an unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation of a market that surely has externalities but is easy to regulate at arms length like most states do.  [Kinda like the prohibition on self-serve gas...]  I don't really see the point of the OLCC other than to provide liquor licenses.  Taxes on alcohol can correct the inefficiency in the market created by externalities.

Anyway, since I am in Astoria, I might as well try the local beer.  Astoria Brewing at the Wet Dog has some pretty tasty beer, but the food and the deck last night on the river was even better...and 70 degrees.  Nice.  Ft. George is next.

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