Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Cask Conditioned Ale at Summit in Minnesota

My brother, a brewer for Summit in Minneapolis, sent along this video as he knows I am obsessive about cask ale.  Note the process at a big production brewery like Summit: prime the cask and then add beer from the conditioning tanks.  It is in this step that the run afoul of the CAMRA types as far as I understand - true cask beer is not primed but finishes out in the firkin. 

Nevertheless, to me the main distinction is the lack of injected CO2 that changes the flavor profile dramatically.

Brewing TV - Episode 36: Gone Firkin from Brewing TV on Vimeo.


Barm said...

No, priming the cask is perfectly acceptable and was often practised in the UK in the past, although nowadays most breweries seem to prefer to rack to the cask a couple of point above final gravity. The main thing is that the beer gets carbonated naturally through fermentation of the remaining (or added) sugar.

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