Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wells and Young's Buys McEwan's and Younger's

Nigel McNally of Wells and Young's
From the BBC:

Leading Scottish beer brands McEwan's and Younger's have been sold to a Bedfordshire-based family brewery.

The ales were bought from Heineken UK by brewers Wells and Young's for an undisclosed sum.

The firm said it would continue brewing McEwan's draught ales at the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh.

So, I wonder if the Scots prefer to have their beer owned by the Dutch or the English... Ach! Just go get a Brew Dog...


Jack R. said...
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Barm said...

They haven't bought a brewery. Heineken continues to own the Caledonian Brewery. Only the draught stuff is produced in Edinburgh anyway; packaged beer is made somewhere in the Heineken empire, possibly at John Smith's in Tadcaster but I am not sure.

It is unclear whether Heineken will continue to contract brew the packaged beer for Wells & Youngs, or if they will move it to their own brewery. I suspect the latter.

It was during the time when Scotsmen ran McEwan’s and Younger’s that the brands were run down and the breweries closed, so I much prefer them to be with Wells and Youngs than with any of their previous owners.

Patrick Emerson said...


Thanks for all the great info, as a watcher of the UK beer industry for afar, all of the tangled roots are mostly obscure to me.

Unknown said...

I am a consumer of fine beer McEWan's in Cowichan Bay Canada I have spoken to the brewery rep many months ago do to a manufacture shortage here, there's lots of brown ale but we are out of McEwan's for over ten days , Why do you do this to us expats?
please let me know when our liquor stores will receive any?

adom said...