Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Ale Fest 2013

One of Portland's real treats of a beer fest starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend.  The Portland Holiday Ale Fest takes place beneath the Portland Christmas tree on Pioneer Courthouse Square in tents with clear plastic roofs that are kept warm by body heat and heaters.  It tends to be a fairly civilized fest and a nice way to spend some quality time with humongous beers.

In my humble opinion big winter beers does not always bring out the best in brewers: under the cover of copious malt and alcohol they tend to…ummm…lose some restraint.  But not always.  In my experience about 1/3 of the beers are exceptional 1/3 passable and 1/3 dreadful.  The trick is to do a little advance research, avoid things with peppermint and that are double bourbon barrel aged, and bring friends who are easily duped into trying stuff of dubious provenance or who like the wilder stuff so that you can see if the canary lives after tasting it.

But I digress… go to the fest and enjoy it all especially the lights of the Christmas tree twinkling overhead as you stroll with your tipple.

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