Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Honey Saison

UPADATE: Sam e-mails to correct a misconception of mine.  He was never thinking of harvesting the yeast - he just wanted to get a sense of it from Upright's Five - though they did harvest a little to study in the lab.  My mistake.

Additionally, Sam writes:

As far as the beer goes, the first tank is done actively fermenting (finished at 1.4 degrees Plato (1.0056)) and we're going to lager it at 34 F for two weeks before we partially filter it and package it. We partially filter it so we can get target a yeast cell count in the bottle and that way get the exact amount of haze we want. Haze is good, chunks are bad! We brewed the last two brews yesterday and they are looking good so far.

I can't wait to try it!

My brother Sam is a brewer for Minnesota's Summit Brewing Company and as such, he gets to make is own beer that will be bottled and sold as a part of their Unchained Series.

He is also getting married this summer (far off in the Minnesota north woods - thanks for that Sam).  So for his own personal brew he decided to brew a Saison.  His recipe calls for honey so he decided to name it 'Honeymoon Saison.'  Here is a Summit video which shows Sam adding the honey to the kettle.

His inspiration, in part, came from Portland's own Upright.  He asked me to send him two bottles of the Five, which I did (at great expense), one of which apparently created a stir when he brought it to work to share. Sam was thinking of harvesting the yeast until Jeff told him the identity of the yeast which is far from a secret.  I hope he is ready to deal with it.

What is particularly wonderful is that the character of this beer will continue to evolve and so if you grab a bottle and store it for a little while the little indefatigable yeasties will keep eating away and the beer will get dryer and dryer.

Anyway, for those in the Summit distribution region, look for it in July and for my buddies, I'll be bringing some back from the wedding.

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