Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood: PUB, PDX Bottle Shop and Sellwood Cycle Repair

All things beery just got a whole lot better down here in the little old Sellwood/Westmoreland neighborhood.  Until just recently the only real craft brew presence was Lompoc's Oaks Bottom Pub, which is a very fine establishment that serves fine Lompoc beers as well as guest taps.  They also have, as long time readers are well aware, in my opinion the finest pub fish and chips around. 

But most craft beer adventures take me far afield (well, okay, not that far), particularly two pursuits: home brewing and sampling rare and imported beers.  The first always leads me to Steinbart's and the second to Belmont Station. Both generally require me to hop in my car, something (given my long commute) I loathe to do. 

Now, happily I shall have a local alternative for both.

The Portland U-Brew and Pub (PUB) on SE Milwaukee (across from DQ) in Westmoreland is a home brew supply shop, a brewpub and a brew-for-yourself-on-our-equipment place.  They have been working to completely renovate the space for months and months and are now finally open!  I hope to check in on them this week, but I am immensely grateful to have a place nearby to dash off to when things go arse up in my homebrewing (which they do far more often than I like to admit).  I also look forward to their careful selection of taps.

The Portland Bottle Shop on SE 13th just across and up the bock form Grand Central sent me a card to say that their grand opening will be on Saturday (June 18) from 1 to 8pm.  They promise both beer and wine (unfortunate, in my opinion, I prefer that they focus solely on beer but given the demise of our local wine shop, I understand) a selection of beers on tap to enjoy there or to take away in a growler.  They are still hiding behind papered up windows, but I have high hopes.

And since I am in a welcoming mood, it is also worth mentioning the new store just across from the Portland Bottle Shop, the amazing Sellwood Cycle Repair.  These guys are the best and are longtime neighbors who have relocated to a space that is ten times bigger than their old shop on SE Milwaukie.  The new shop is gorgeous and they are now open - just in time to give my bike the old once over as I prepare to ride around to the new beer haunts.  And don't let the name fool you - this is now a full service retail store, chock-a-block full of bikes and equipment. 

I have full reports on all three places (well, mainly the two beer places) soon.

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