Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Government, No Beer!

Uh oh, SABMillerCoors forgot to renew its license to sell beer in Minnesota before the government shutdown and now they have been ordered to remove their products from store shelves.

From The Atlantic:

Minnesota's government shutdown--the longest in history--has some unexpected victims. Sure, people living on feeding tubes in taxpayer-funded facilities are being taken care of. Janitors are still cleaning the prisons. Police are still protecting the public. But in all this budget-cutting madness, everyone forgot to ask: What about the bros? And now that negligence has taken its toll: Because MillerCoors didn't reapply for its $30-per-brand license to sell beer, bro classics Miller Lite and Coors Lite, among others, must be pulled from the shelves.

KSTP reports that Minnesota "officials have told the company, it must come up with a plan to remove it's 39 brands of beer from shelves and in bars in a matter of days. The company failed to renew it's brand license with the state before the shutdown. ...Without the license, Miller-Coors cannot sell in the state." The company tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Don Walker that it's "working with the state to clear this up."

Yikes! I hope Summit is all up to date on its brand license...

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Beerologist4BIP said...

I'd have some kind of pity on them if they didn't so aggressively lobby legislators throughout the country to approve laws and regulations that stymie craft and micro brewers.