Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summit Honeymoon Saison Released

My brother Sam's beer is out in Minnesota - the great unveiling was yesterday.  I have to wait for the wedding to try it - but fortunately that is but a couple of weeks away.  In the meantime here is Sam and his betrothed, Camber, on Minneapolis TV.  And for those who wonder about the answers to all the mysteries: Sam is the product of my mother's second marriage and he and his twin sister were born just before my 16th birthday.  Camber is Minnesota through and through (as is evident in the TV clip), which explains why Sam now brews in the Twin Cities, but it is a homecoming of sorts: he was born in Wisconsin while I was still in high school at Madison West.  I can only hope that he stays true to his roots: you are a Badger by birth, Sammy boy, don't you forget it there in Gopher territory.

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