Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bond Goes Beer

From the Village Voice: James Bond in the new 007 flic Skyfall will eschew his shaken martini for a beer: Heineken.  This apparently because of a nice $45 million product placement fee.

This is not the first time Heineken has hitched its wagon to the Bond franchise:

But it is the first time Bond will not be drinking martinis (if it is the case that Heineken will displace martinis entirely).

Now, it is obvious that only a big macro could afford such a product placement, but let's suppose our super-agent were real, what beer would he drink? In my mind there is no question Bond is a total hop head so here are some ideas for the real 007:

Ninkasi Total Domination

Stone Arrogant Bastard

Bear Republic Racer 5 (racer=fast driver)

You got others?


Unknown said...

I'm going to be in the minority here, but Heineken might be a good choice for a world traveller like Bond. After all, think of the gymnastics it takes to order a beer in certain parts of the US.

Could Bond afford to go through the hassel that we all face?

Server: Can I get you a drink?
Bond: DuPont, Saison Dupont
Server: We don't have that. We have Blue Moon.
Bond: That's not even... Do you have... What Craft Beer do you have?
Server: We have Imports and Domestics.
Bond: Do you have a list?
Server: No.
Bond: what's imports do you have?
Server: Corona, Stella, Lagunitas Pils
Bond: You have Lagunitas??? That is not an import... we're in San Francisco for gods sake... it's...



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