Friday, May 18, 2012

Picture of the Day: Breweries by State

NPR's Planet Money blog reports on the growth of the craft beer industry and provides this helpful little graphic, breweries per capita by state:


Jack R. said...
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Jack R. said...

I made a of '2011 Top 50 US Craft Brewing Co.s with sales volume data' in kbbl.
I started from Dig Boston, Honest Pint's [].

The production number of 31 breweries were found by Google Search. The production number for the remaining 19 breweries was estimated by linear interpolation between 'known' values.

The color coding scheme
- uses the seven colors of's default icons.
- mimics weather storm intensity which mimics the order of the color of the rainbow from longest to shortest wavelength of the visible ElectroMagnetic spectrum