Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here Come the Firkins!

Easily my favorite event of the year, the Green Dragon Firkin Fest, is approaching quickly - Saturday, April 16.  [Sorry for the small image, I could not find a bigger one] Why is it my favorite?  Three reasons. First, it is all about cask beer, my special interest.  Second, it is a small laid back affair.  And third, it is at the Greet Dragon, which is a pretty cool place.

This year, I am hoping for more milds, bitters and other traditional English ales that are native to cask.  But sometimes the hop bombs are a revelation on cask as well.  Last year, Double Mountain's IRA was phenomenal.  Ted Sobel from Brewer's Union will be there and I have it on good authority that he is bringing a mild, as he did last year.  Other breweries are still trying to figure out the cask thing, but they seem to get better each year (let's hope for no fishy smelling Hopworks!).

Last year the weather was outstanding, warm and sunny, and the patio was the place to be. This year, who knows with this ridiculous weather, but the inside is inviting as well.

It costs $30, but for that you get 8 6oz tasters and two food vouchers which last year could be redeemed for sausage, chocolate or cheese. I did two sausages and loaded them up with kraut and voila: lunch.


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