Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fresh Hop Fest in My Backyard

I am happy to report a bumper crop of Cascade hops in my backyard.  Now it is time to harvest and brew.  This will be my first ever attempt at a fresh hop beer.  I am of the opinion that fresh hop beers are best when dry hops are used as the bittering hops and the fresh hops are saved for the aroma.  I do not think this in any way creates somehow an ersatz fresh hop beer. I am, in general, a big giant fan of fresh hop beers and appreciate them even with their green and grassy warts.  Beer's connection to the earth is never more apparent, and the beer itself never more fresh tasting, than with fresh hop beer. 

All that said, it seems to be a real challenge to brew good ones.  Most fresh hop beer fests contain a few great ones, many so-so beers, and quite a few total failures.  I don't expect much from my first try.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

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