Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad News For New York Area Imported Beer Consumers

Photo Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Times
From The New York Times:
Customs officials intend to shut down their inspection station at the Red Hook terminal; the closing would force companies to unload thousands of containers a year and deliver the cargo by truck to another terminal equipped with a customs inspection station, either in New Jersey or on Staten Island.

...the Red Hook Container Terminal also accepts 15 percent of all beer heading into the region, which means prices could rise about 75 cents on every 12-pack.

“Basically you’re just taking beer on a ride to Staten Island, and right back from where it came from,” said Greg Brayman, vice president of Phoenix Beverages, which receives 90 40-foot containers of beer like Heineken and Red Stripe each week at Red Hook. “It’s a huge deal.”

Bah, what do you want with Heineken and Red Stripe? There are plenty of quality domestics that don't have to go through customs!

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