Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Global Beer Demand on the Rise

Thanks in large part to the Chinese.  From the Edmonton Journal:

All those beers you have been putting away on the weekend are a mere drop in the suds bucket with humanity set to consume up to two billion hectolitres of the foamy stuff by 2013.

According to a report released Monday by Canadean, a beverage information specialist firm, the worldwide financial downturn has not killed our thirst for beer. Canadean predicts global growth in beer drinking will continue to increase at a "robust" level.

And, it seems everyone is getting into the act.

By 2015, Canadean predicts one in every four beers consumed in the world will be guzzled in China. Beer consumption in Asia overall is expected to grow by five per cent by 2015.

In North America, consumption will increase only slightly at 0.5 per cent.

However, that slight jump in buying will translate to big beer dollars.

According to Statistics Canada, beer stores and agencies sold $8.8 billion worth of beer during the year ending March 31, 2009. Statistics Canada says an estimated 10 million Canadians drink beer.

Beer drinking is also set to rise in Africa by five per cent and by as much as 5.5 per cent in the Middle East and North Africa by 2015.

"The strong performance of the Asian beer market means that the region is forecast to account for 38 per cent of total beer consumption by 2015," the firm said in a news release.

One hectolitre contains 100 litres.

Okay, so who besides Rogue has any presence in Asia?

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