Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pubonomics: Eat and Drink

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From what I have heard, brewpubs in the US do about 70% of their gross revenue in food.  Well in the UK, pubs have traditionally done more business in drink than in food, but now that has changed:

More people are dining in pubs because their relaxed environment is more attractive than stuffy restaurants, researchers claim.

A survey by the food market analysts Mintel claimed that 72 per cent of people go to the pub to eat, rather than 63 per cent who go to drink.

Experts said the advent of themes such as curry, steak or fish and chip nights have also enticed diners, whilst specials menus and meal deals, where pubs offer main courses for as little as £2.99, are a big draw.

Gastropubs in big cities have also been a big hit, even during the recession.
Helena Spicer, senior food analyst at Mintel, said pubs have been forced to adapt to provide customers with exactly what they want.

She said: "Pub food has had to adapt and now bar snacks and menus have become more variable from value ranges to more upmarket offerings. For some venues, catering has become more important than serving a pint.

"Add to the mix cheaper and more accessible alcohol from supermarkets, the recession, rising tax and duty and a smoking ban and the pub sector has faced what has been dubbed the perfect storm.

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