Friday, October 8, 2010

Fresh Hop Tastival at Oaks Park Beer List

The Fresh Hop Tasitival's beer list is out and it looks incredible.  A virtual one-stop shopping list.  The problem to choose.  One place to start is with Bill at It's Pub Night who has done the yeoman's job of seeking out fresh hop beers all over town and making some recommendations.  

As for me I am looking forward to John Harris's Lupulin, Double Mountain's Killer Green, Ninkasi's two offerings, Duschutes Fresh Hopped Mirror Pond (both thanks to Bill's recommendations), Upright's farmhouse version and especially Cascade's Fresh Hop Porter. Also, can't miss the Mutt for old times' sake (though Bill says it is especially good this year).

Now I do take issue with Silver Moon however - Hoppapotamus?  Really?  Perhaps you think that your spelling gets around my little (TM) - think again.  My lawyers will be in touch.


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zerry ht said...

Truly an awesome list. I had visited a similar beer festival at local corporate events Chicago and forgot names of famous wines there. Was searching for something similar and very glad that I got the list here. Thanks a lot!